China's top ten brands of home service clothing inventory

July 10, 2020

China's top ten brands of home service clothing inventory Esther Isisen clothing products

Yi Si Fen is a well-known brand from Taiwan. The brand entered the Chinese market in 1993, creating a relaxed, free and stress-free life for urban women. And through the traditional, leisure and gorgeous three series to meet the different needs of women, is the best expression of modern women elegant and gentle, fresh and bright. The company is located in Jinlu Garment Industry Co., Ltd., which was famous for its pajamas and deep development in pajamas, home casual wear and other fields. This made it easy for Yisifen Homewear to develop into a well-known home clothing brand with the help of profound backgrounds.

Fenton Fenton home service products

Fen Teng, China's first home sales brand. After more than ten years of development, it has created countless industries and has achieved countless classics with the concept of oriental home life. Fenton's home wear branded "Home and Love" brand culture, making home life more arbitrary. Fenteng is the sole home furnishing brand under the Guangzhou Liuhe Trading Co., Ltd. In 2008, it won the title of “famous brand in Guangdong Province” and won the “China's top ten home clothing brand” award in the same year, and will continue to forge the Chinese home furnishing industry. Monument and always forward.

Autumn deer fall deer clothing products

Autumn Deer is one of the earliest founders of Chinese home wear. After nearly 20 years of development, the brand has become the benchmark of the Chinese home wear industry. In 2005, Qiu De was awarded the “National Inspection-free Product” award by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine and Guangdong. The title of “Guangdong Famous Trademark” issued by the provincial government, the current store network has covered more than 200 large and medium-sized cities across the country, and there are more than 800 counters and stores. Qiu Lu witnessed that China’s home service obedience has grown from small to large. The historical mission of the Chinese home furnishing industry.

The family of the new generation of the family of the new generation is a French clothing brand. The French designer-based design team provides strong technical support for the brand. The excellent brand image and unique store style are the brand features of the New World family. Its product range from home casual wear, warm sleeping clothes, ladies sui kimonos, noble silk dresses to vitality and easy installation fully composes the perfect pursuit of the new family. The family of the new generation family clothing brand created a precedent for fashion home clothes, pay attention to the type of three-dimensional cut, with high-quality fabrics, rich categories, so that people "love the days of home."

Frosts Homewear Products

Flaus FLOSSY is a home clothing brand developed by Florus International Limited (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Italian Design Center. The brand captures the fashion elements of Milan and Paris clothing and brings European continent. The introduction of living conditions into the country, interpretation of the Chinese home dress fashion, is the Chinese interpretation of international lifestyle, the brand is committed to creating an international fashion brand without borders, leading the trend of Chinese home service. Brand sales outlets throughout the country.

American Standard American Standard Home Furnishing Products

American Standard Homewear is the home wear brand of Hangzhou American Standard Clothing Co., Ltd. The American Standard Home Wear has strong design, system painting and hand embroidery capabilities, plus the company is located in the hometown of silk in Hangzhou, the brand combines silk and other fabrics, and embroidery, Sewing and other skills, show exquisite craftsmanship and moving beauty. At the same time, its home service series products are well-loved by consumers with their superior quality and elegance, and their market sales performance and market share rank among the top in the domestic industry.

Gold three towers gold three towers home service products

Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Stock Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 and became the first share in the Chinese silk industry. Jinsanta is its well-known fashion silk home clothing brand. The brand adhering to the "natural comfortable fashion" brand concept, the main products are silk knitted underwear, silk knit shirt, silk pajamas, silk bedding home, silk scarf tie five series, The company won the title of "high-grade silk" from the China Silk Association. Its unique product has also become a business and private gift.

An's companion security company

Korea's Anshun Home Furnishings brand expresses the family's warmth and romance with Korean-style color and elegance. The brand entered the Chinese market in 1997. After more than ten years of development in China, it has become a leading brand in the home wear industry. The analysis of market dynamics has kept pace with the times and has become a brand that consumers recognize and trust. At present, the company's sales network has spread over more than 30 provinces, cities, and prefecture-level cities. Look forward to joining people!

Qianlong Family Qianlong Family Clothing Products

The Qianlong family is one of the three major apparel brands of Guangdong Qianlong Garment Co., Ltd. Since its inception, Qianlong family has been pursuing homewear as its core product and in 2008 it has been awarded the title of “China's top ten home clothing brand”. It has covered a number of series such as home wear, large underwear and fashion trousers, and has derived a urban casual brand style. With the slogan "Love and Family", the Qianlong family has allowed wearers to experience home happiness. In the past two decades, its superior quality and innovative style have been deeply loved by consumers.

Mia Mia Beauty Home Furnishing Products

Elegant, romantic and sexy, Miyamei brand mainly uses ladies nightwear and home clothes as its main products. It is authorized to operate European high-end brands in China. Zhejiang Mia Clothing Co., Ltd. is the general operating company of Mia America in China. Mainly for the Chinese urban women to explore, innovate and change their homes, bring them a high quality of life and enjoy, while trying to become a banner in the Chinese underwear industry.


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