Endorsement of the new summer in Germany Goddess of luxury

July 10, 2020

Blink of an eye, into August, followed by the hot climate is a bit more impulsive. 2013Boss BossAnjerasu gentleman gentleman to cool the way to show the gentleman taste, so that the temperature caused by the bad mood swept away at the same time, but also the spirit of men's soul-chiming excellence and laughter Tomorrow shocking interpretation of the most vividly. For walking in the workplace of the business white-collar workers, ultimately, the short sleeve shirt in the summer figure. This dark green shirt can be said to have done a lot of effort in innovative design. Add a bit of white print on the dark green background to create a unique visual effect, very refreshing, more suitable for wild. Striped short-sleeved shirt is also essential for the summer single product. This short-sleeved still with a steady dark green to bring out the calm temperament pursued by business men. Add stripe elements, more enriched the sense of design, it will also jump out of the boring.

Truck Cover

Truck tarps are manufactured with the highest quality fabrics and high craftsmanship. Our heavy duty tarps are made from high tensile strength polyester material with both side laminated or one side coated, the other laminated. It is waterproof, fire resistant, tear proof, UV resistant, etc.. All four sides are welded with reinforced rope inside. 

We are committed to providing you high quality truck tarps that will last. 

You can choose any color and any size, the general weight for truck cover is 450GSM, 500GSM, 550GSM, 600GSM.

According to different quality of tarpaulin, lifespan is three to five years.

Truck Cover

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