Jade culture - smelling jade woman

July 10, 2020

In the evening, it was a good time to hang out. Walking on the retro street, looking at these feminine women of Daiyu, it was like walking into the Tang Dynasty, which made people think that Du Qiu Niang’s "Golden Sweater" said, "Flowers are open." Straight to be folded, waiting for the verse of no flowers and empty branches. In short, the woman who wears jade in the jade culture has to make the loved one go to love. Jewelry women, they are quiet in the beauty of jade, beautiful appearance like jade, warm and clean, pure and pure, the atmosphere is pure and beautiful, such as the flowers in the moon, the unforgettable face and beautiful figure.

Those young women dressed in their homes and beautiful costumes all love jade. They seem to be a group of angels, and a group of imperial palace ladies can never avoid the charming sight. In them, people will see the blood flowing through China’s thousands of years of culture, the infinite charm, and the high-quality jade. It shines and shines.

Walking here, in addition to jade, buy jade, you can see here the love of jade woman. Their light gait, quiet and elegant temperament, like a piece of water, excellent jade. They are bright, gorgeous, tender, like a golden scent of a branch. What kind of jade is wearing what kind of woman, here you can feel, taste, and get an excellent interpretation. Even if you are new to the first time, it does not matter, leisurely sitting in front of the jade table in Yujie, will make you linger, and quiet in the beautiful jade street, like a water. Jade will let you meet and meet a variety of beautiful female friends and exchange jade topics.

From the pedestrians, you will be familiar with the fact that those women who are more celebrities in Suzhou and Hangzhou often visit the Oriental Jewelry Street to purchase jade bracelets. The process of purchasing jade is actually a very beautiful process. In the jade culture, they said that they understand jade, love jade, and high-quality jade elephants have a fate with them and are destined to be fate. It seems that it is not difficult to see that the ancient Suhang people and the Nanjing Six Dynasties powders such as Chen Yuanyuan's powdery fat gas and soft jade Wenxiang gas infiltrated. The temperament of the northern woman's training, savvy and elegant is like a lightning bolt in the jewelry street. Sichuan women are more passionate like water, they live alive and fragrant, the gentle appearance gives a jade of quiet beauty, sweet and soft tone with the rhythm of jade. All in all, the women who walked through Yujie have a variety of styles, and they all love jade and are as beautiful as jade. Avoiding the cracks of time, I saw the perfect combination and combination of natural Tiancheng women and jade in this jade city, becoming the most rare style.

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