Golden Sun: 4 key points for pregnant women's bedding selection

October 09, 2019

Abstract: For pregnant women, the choice of bedding is especially important. Pregnant women can bring a healthy health to their babies. Therefore, in order to create a good rest environment for pregnant women, the following points should be considered when choosing bedding.

Key words: pregnant women bedding health golden sun pillow: 9 cm (flat shoulder) height is appropriate. Gold sun bedding experts suggested that the pillow is too high forcing the neck to bend and compress the carotid artery. The carotid artery is the blood supply pathway of the brain. When blocked, the blood flow in the brain is reduced and the brain is deprived of oxygen. At the same time, maternity pillows are also essential items. Golden sun bedding experts say that maternity pillows can effectively reduce the pressure on the abdomen and support the arms and legs. The slope-shaped pillow design fills the abdomen and The gap in the bed makes the pregnant woman sleep more comfortable.

Mosquito net: The role of mosquito nets is not only to prevent mosquitoes and winds, but also to absorb dust falling from the space to filter the air. The use of mosquito nets helps to sleep peacefully and deepens sleep. Give pregnant women more comfort and bring a healthy health to the baby, so that the joy and joy of the whole family are concentrated here. If you want to let your family spend in a happy atmosphere, you must fully meet him before the new life arrives. Preparation.

Quilt: The ideal bedding is a cotton cloth wrapped in cotton wool. It is not advisable to use chemical fiber blend fabrics as quilt cover and bed sheets. Because chemical fiber cloth is easy to irritate the skin, causing itching, affecting the quality of sleep of pregnant women.

Beds: Pregnant women are suitable to sleep on wooden bed, thicker cotton wadding, to avoid the plate is too hard, lack of cushioning force on the body, so that the side is too frequent, more dreams easy to wake up.

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