What are the benefits of wearing an ivory bracelet?

October 07, 2021

Ivory is a palm tree of South America Ecuador. It is the seed endosperm of the oak tree, which is common in the coastal rainforests of Ecuador and Peru. The endosperm is a bit like a coconut. It is a liquid at first. It becomes hard after maturity. It has the same characteristics as animal ivory. It has a similar ring pattern and looks like a real ivory. It is called a plant ivory. The ivory fruit is rough and white as ivory, meaning that through the practice to achieve the true state of harmony, the Hindus often used to make Buddha statues. Using ivory nuts as handpieces or decorative ornaments is a very elegant choice. But after a long time, the color will turn yellow!



Historically, German merchants first discovered plant ivory in South America in the 19th century. These merchants introduced this material to the European market, mainly for the production of clothes buttons. The Italians used these ivory nuts as buttons to be used in decorating the world's most exclusive fashion.

These hard fruits can be processed into various ornaments, chess pieces, reeds of musical instruments, and the like. Plant ivory was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Trade statistics show that the button for plant ivory production once accounted for 20% of the market share, so it was one of the main daily necessities at the time. Later, plant ivory was gradually replaced by plastic because plastics were cheaper to make. In addition to making some small souvenirs, plant ivory was almost forgotten. Ivory, as an ornament, has a wide range of applications in Buddhism, specific Bodhi blessings. Efficacy, red coral ivory bracelet is also known as a classic in the Buddhist bracelet.

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