How to identify sprinkling gold sheep fat white jade

October 07, 2021


Hetian jade is divided into ink jade, sapphire, white jade, etc. according to the color of the leather. Different colors of leather give different value to the whole jade. The white jade white jade has captivated the hearts of many collectors because of its white appearance. It has become one of the favorite jade in the collectors.

The golden jade rind is shaped like a sprinkling gold. This kind of Hetian jade fat white jade is called sprinkling gold-skinned white jade. This appearance is the second-order iron ion and tremolite in the environment after thousands of years of chemistry. Reflecting the formation of a relatively stable substance, such a jade epidermis generally strong acid can not be cleaned, and the placed sprinkling gold skin and Tianyu will be easy to clean under the action of strong acid.

The second-order iron ions will form a relatively continuous cloud-like or silky distribution with the flow direction of the river where the jade is located. The depth of the skin color of the sprinkled gold skin corresponds to the structure inside the jade, which is very characteristic under the light. Obvious.

The powder scraped from the natural gold-skinned skin is pure white, while the non-natural ones will have different colors. This is the dyed gold-plated skin.

This kind of jade has attracted much attention because of its different skin colors. There are many such jade in the market, but it is necessary to pay attention to observation and identification if you want to find the real sprinkling gold and skin jade.

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