Your heart is your second button

October 23, 2021

This is a legend from Japan. The second button is the best gift for couples. The second button is on the top of the heart. It is the one sent to the heart. It is also for the most liked person. Because the second button is eccentric to the heart, the second button is the opposite of the heart!

The second button story

They met to meet new students outside. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. He looked at her in the sun as she took a lot of luggage. She looked shy, and then followed her, flowing skirt dancing in the autumn wind. From then on, she remembered the tall and straight back.

He noticed that she was inadvertently reading a book at a newsstand on the corner of the street. She was plunging a coin into a daddy bowl. The pedestrian was in a hurry. No one noticed the warmth, but he was in his heart. heat.

For her, he refused a lot of dark waves, and for him, she rejected many hot confessions. However, they are familiar with eating together and reading books together. Until the campus is full of pairs and pairs, they are friends that they do not even have.

University life is rich and varied, and it always goes fast. In an instant, graduation is in sight. He chose a city in the south, and she can only stay in the present city. The day before she graduated, she looked at him for a long time and finally opened his mouth and asked him for the second button in his shirt to give him a gift and sent him a newly locked diary.

The days of hard work and complicated social relations make him feel physically weak. Who can still keep a diary in mind? So that diary was thrown in the corner. Two years later, he had adapted to the present life. The girls around him were laughing and smiling. But he always remembered unconsciously. The long skirt and shameful smile fluttered in the autumn wind. He looked up at the starry sky at the end of the night. It's deeper.

One day, he inadvertently read a magazine and saw: In Japan, there is a custom. If a girl asks a boy for the second button of her clothes and hangs it on the neck with a red line, it means that he is the most in her life. Beloved person. Suddenly, he thought of something and flew back home. The locked diary was found. When it was opened, there was a dense whisper and a second button legend.

He found the girl, under the sun, the button on the red line, like a beam of light, stings his eyes, is also stinging and his heart, the time of the past two years, the girl is about to be someone else's bride. ....

In the days that followed, he kept telling his friends about the legend of the second deduction. Every legend had a story behind him, just like him and her.


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