Summer summer does not fall with this is just good

October 22, 2021

This morning, a hint of cool wind hit, instantly feel the fall quietly come in the face of the summer not summer, the autumn season, how children wear it ... ... Zhuowei Le children's clothing, wonderful interpretation of tide fashion! Very handsome little witch with a British characteristic coat, camel coat + dark blue pants, lovely bow to be embellished, handsome with a little cute, tall erect ball head, catch high-grade hairpin, neat, highlight the temperament . This autumn is still handsome, beautiful. Playful obedient girl skirt is the favorite of girls, especially similar to no less, beige + dark blue skirt, the outer layer covered with gauze, more three-dimensional sense, this skirt is simple but full of cute, cute baby Heart, with a pair of black boots, easy to create a neat little girl's well-behaved image.

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