Warmly congratulate Parry show underwear Wenzhou Tangxia shop grand opening today

October 04, 2021

August the wind is no longer gentle, but with a bit hot and irritable, the sun roasted the earth, people do not want to go out, the weather was so hot for the apparel industry into a downturn, but for Paribu underwear, August is still hot in January it opened, and today, Parry show underwear once again came good news: Warmly congratulate the Parry show underwear in Wenzhou Tangxia grand opening today! Opening a new store I wish the business booming!



Pali show underwear company Guangzhou blossoming embroidered with a well-known brand in South Korea in Seoul, Korea to create the underwear brand , a product to market quickly became the darling of underwear urban white-collar workers, after entering China in 2008, with its innovative design and fashion High-end superior fabrics and reasonable prices, once again won the Chinese women's favorite and favor, became the most popular underwear brands.



The new store opened, Parry show the same for everyone prepared a variety of new underwear, home clothes, swimwear, etc., to meet the shopping needs of different consumers, while 9.9 yuan premium boutique panties waiting for you to buy, if you Just plan to provide several sets of new underwear for yourself, then hurry to buy it! Parry show will let you go home!

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