I wish Nolan Beier brand Tongren shop grand opening

October 06, 2021

Say that now is the off-season clothing, but the good news this opening tells us: as long as you are strong enough, there is no off-season said. Now, I wish Nolan Beier brand Guizhou Tongren shop grand opening, if you are the surrounding consumers, do not forget to go to the new store to see the 2015 Summer Collection and the latest Autumn Series.


When many brands opened, the use of the red carpet, and the new store opened in Nolanbel women's purple long talk. Double-sided glass walls, bright lights, make the shop even more conspicuous. Purple arch, embellished with blossoming flowers, elegant. When entering the store, you can see the newest outfits through this double-glazed wall. Light box display and static model of the window display, are showing the charm of Nolanbel women's dress.


Now our vision into the store, although the summer is still continuing, but the autumn has been on the market hot, if you are urban beauty, then this from the future of fashion, will not miss. Now buy new clothes, there will be a lot of discount waiting for you Oh. If you are a reseller, you can now leave a message or call a brand company.

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