Talking about the details of the use of outdoor LED display

October 25, 2020

With the continuous development of urban construction, outdoor LED displays are increasingly used as new media for advertising media. The outdoor LED display can definitely bring a certain improvement to the image of the city, and the form of advertising is flexible. However, during the use of outdoor LED displays, there are still some things to note:

1, structural design

Outdoor LED displays are generally large in size, so they are still very heavy. Installed in the outdoor LED display, the home page needs attention is the structural design. The installation structure should take into account: wind, earthquake, load and other major factors; secondly, the shape, structure, and exterior design of the screen should be coordinated with the building or environment to which it depends; in addition, consider local environmental factors, such as Air humidity, air salt and alkali content (seashore city) and so on.

2, light pollution

In recent years, with the popularity of LED displays, the concept of light pollution has been raised. So in the end, is the LED display not considered light pollution? According to the current international definition of light pollution, it is usually divided into three categories: white bright pollution, artificial chalk and color light pollution. At present, China only has regulations on the glass curtain wall in Bailiang pollution, and there is no relevant regulation on artificial chalk and color light pollution. However, considering that color light pollution does cause people to feel uncomfortable, it should belong to light pollution. The problem of light pollution prevention of the display screen has been considered in designing the display screen.

Based on the reasons for the formation, we have summarized the corresponding solutions:

1. Reasonably plan the display area and installation position

According to the viewing distance and viewing angle as well as the surrounding environment, as well as the requirements of the display content, the display area and location are reasonably planned. Rather than blindly pursuing an area that is large and prominent.

2. Selection and design of playback content

Large-scale giant display screens are public media, and there are public welfare, advertising, and instructional categories. When we choose to play the content, we must agree with the public request to avoid refusal.

3, multi-level gray correction technology to improve color softness.

LED display products use more gray levels, making the colors look softer and the transition is natural.

4, using a system that can automatically adjust the brightness adjustment system

The brightness of the environment varies greatly at different times and places. If the display brightness of the display is greater than the environment, it will cause people's eyes to be uncomfortable, especially the difference in brightness between day and night, causing light pollution, our automatic brightness adjustment. The system automatically converts the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment to avoid light pollution.

Relatively, neon and white light box advertising and other products, in recent years, many LED display manufacturers have done a lot of work in the field of needle light pollution, the degree of light pollution is greatly reduced, to enrich our visual space, to light a good life to make very Great contribution.

LED display has always been valued for its energy saving and environmental protection. LED is synonymous with energy saving. Compared with traditional lighting products, the energy-saving advantages of LEDs are quite obvious and outstanding. In the near future, there is a great tendency to replace traditional lighting.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among people all over the world, we can hear low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reducing everywhere, and we can feel the efforts made by people for environmental protection: urban electric taxis; LED road lights; solar + wind energy street lights; Fluorine refrigerator air conditioners and so on are the most real feelings in our lives.

The luminescent material used in the LED display itself is an energy-saving product. However, since the area of ​​the outdoor display screen is generally large, the power consumption is still large. At present, many outdoor LED display manufacturers have launched a more energy-saving and low-carbon outdoor LED display product in response to the call of the World Energy Organization and the long-term development interests of the industry. The power consumption is comparable to that of the previous display. There has been a big improvement.

Outdoor LED display, due to the great changes in the brightness of the surrounding environment during the day and night, we can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction by automatically adjusting the brightness of the outdoor LED display, and can effectively avoid the problem of light pollution.

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