How should entrepreneurs learn to move marketing from Liu Bei?

October 19, 2020

[China Glass Network] Good entrepreneurs must understand marketing. I have written cases where entrepreneurs have learned from historical stories for marketing. For example, from Song Jiang and Liu Bei, they can still absorb a lot of benefits. Liu Bei is especially good at getting his persuasive object and his subordinates' trust by moving this way. The article shared below is to say how Liu Bei is doing moving marketing.

Among the heroes of many countries in the Three Kingdoms, what makes me hate is Liu Bei. Every time I go to a critical moment, I feel like a tear and a tear, so I can’t wait to rush to give him a punch. Since the beginning of Xuzhou, I have been angry with him and hate him. What merits are meager and unrecognizable, all of which are fake and false.

Although Liu Bei does not have much literature, he does not have much martial arts, and there are some false positives, but he is deeply convinced of the true meaning of "moving marketing." With his moving marketing, he won a group of benevolent people to fight for his battlefield and won the love of his local people until he won one-third of the world.

There are many cases in which Liu Bei uses the marketing of this kind of marketing. For example, when he was in the plain, there was a person named Liu Ping who sent an assassin to assassinate him. Liu Bei did not know, but just received it as a general friend. He ate in a bowl and smashed a mat, and the assassin was so moved. The assassin told him the truth later: "I actually came to kill you, but you are too good for me, I can't get it." Assassins, mostly unhappy, sad, ruthless, can't People are moved, it can be seen how much Liu Bei’s moving marketing is doing!

Liu Bei’s well-known case of moving marketing is a slap in the face. In order to find Zhuge Liang, this genius is working with him to fight the world. He deserves to be expensive, and he has to go to Zhuge Liang again and again to make Zhuge Liang feel moved and determined. Dedicating his life to Liu Bei.

Liu Bei’s other acclaimed and moving feature is that he has lost his wife and children countless times and brought his brothers and people. This is simply a model of public forgotten and self-denying. The well-known "brothers such as brothers and sisters, women like clothes" can be seen. But from today's point of view, these are more proof of Liu Bei's selfishness. In his heart, he has never taken his wife seriously. Because for him, these people are worthless and are extremely important in his life. The brothers can kill him for the enemy, the people can become the foundation of his career, what is the use of his wife? Nothing can be smashed again! Such a generation who seems to be ruthless today can be widely praised by the people. It can only show that it was much easier to move the marketing in the past to make it more effective than it is now.

Looking at the current enterprises, I think there are two comparisons that touch the marketing. One is Haier. In recent years, I have participated in many meetings of Haier. Almost every meeting was touched by a marketing card. Every time I watched the promo, Haier’s employees were sent to the user’s home for a dozen hours on the ice or snow, so that people were moved to the bottom. Regardless of whether the plot is fictional or not, this moving marketing card has indeed earned Haier a lot of praise.

The other is Haidilao. The description of how Haidilao touched the staff and touched the consumers described in Haidilao You Can't Learn, and Jane reached the level of “metamorphosis”. The soul and spiritual motivation of Haidilao is to "change the destiny with both hands and realize the dream by diligence." He told Haidilao employees that "we must not only live, but also live with dignity. We not only struggle for survival, but also strive for development and struggle for our dreams. Although we have no social background, we do not have much academic qualifications. But as long as you don't succumb to fate, as long as you work diligently, you can change your destiny by our hands." It is such a belief that the employees of Haidilao have inspired unlimited potential and willingly and unrequitedly pay. . By moving employees to move customers and make the service good, this is a great miracle in China's service industry.

On Xiongcai, Liu Bei is not as good as Cao Cao; on strategy, Liu Bei is not as good as Sun Quan, but he can use the marketing to win the world. No matter how advanced technology is, no matter how the society develops, everyone has a desire for human nature. When marketing returns to human nature, people are particularly vulnerable to being sexy. When the marketing encounter is touched, it not only enhances the brand reputation, but also enhances the brand loyalty and achieves true fame and fortune.

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