ABC children's clothing helped to promote public charity boom

October 26, 2020

In recent years, celebrity "group" public welfare has become a commonweal model of popularity in China, which is receiving more and more attention and pursuit. Whether it's launching a charity initiative, direct financial aid, singing publicity, filming a video, or being a volunteer directly involved in philanthropy ... The star's passion for public welfare hot news is always active in the major media reporting platform . In response, experts from China Star Charity List Committee said: "The influence, charisma and driving effect make the star public welfare one of the most important forces for promoting the development of charities and public welfare. The star personal charm also adds a beautiful scenery to the public interest." December 22, Tencent "New Year new clothes" public welfare projects together with China's leading children's brand ABC children's clothing into the Liangshan in Sichuan, the famous Sichuan national singer Rong Zhong Er and colleagues, Send 1000 New Year's warmth to children of Gou Qu Primary School in Jimi Town, Gaoluo County. In 2012, after the opening of Tencent's "New Year's New Clothes" public welfare project, the successful participation of movie stars Liu Kaiwei, Wu Jing, Fan Shaohuang, Olympic champion Fan Ye and Sui Jian Shuang, as well as the donations by Yang Mi and Wenna and Weibo support. Rong Zhong Er hand in hand with ABC children's clothing Tencent "New Year new clothes" Sichuan Liangshan caring journey coincidentally, Suning Tesco recently launched a public platform to integrate true love dreams Foundation, "Bazaar" magazine tripartite advantage of resources and get Chen number , Liu Tao, Wu Mo worry, Li Dai Mo and many other performing stars to help out. Star public welfare undertakings have been rapidly developing in recent years. During their participation in charity, their personal worth, charm and reputation have gradually won public recognition. At the same time, celebrity charities are specialized and sustainable due to the strong support from caring enterprises and media platforms. Initiation of public interest boom Public interest is to bring together the smallest force, the release of the largest positive energy. However, the effect produced by "celebrity partners + enterprises + media" by celebrities + media can still be described as a drop in the bucket for the poor children. Only when the general public is fully involved can the effects of public welfare be maximized. ABC children's clothing first introduced the "you take my clothes, I send clothes," love network activities, as long as the ABC Lynx flagship store photographed two designated clothing, ABC children's clothing donated to Tencent, "New Year new clothes," nonprofit organizations, Through the organization, it finally delivers love to children in poor areas. ABC "you take clothes, I send clothes" network activities combined with the "new year new clothes" public service action, through the consumption patterns, public service model innovation, with the popularity of the star and the driving force of the media and the huge spread of the spread of public benefit more Far, more influential, making public more sustainable guidance to the general public, which led to the participation of more social forces, public interest has therefore become more portable, more transparent and more universal. In fact, Star invited to participate in social welfare activities, especially influential well-known brands and authoritative media platform, to win the tripartite win. The biggest beneficiaries are the community, as the participation of celebrities, caring enterprises and authoritative media will set off a public welfare boom that will help more needy people. Second, companies gain value, enhance the brand's influence and reputation, the media is also true. The last stars are also beneficiaries, and their social image will be further enhanced. Here, I call: I hope more stars, caring people, caring enterprises to participate in public welfare activities, bring more warmth to the community.

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