How to choose the right natural crystal

September 29, 2020

Choosing the crystal is the same as choosing the object. When choosing an object, it is very appropriate to examine the character of TA and yourself. The same is true for crystal selection, because each crystal has its own unique function and personality. Here are some common Taojing methods for friends:

How to choose the right natural crystal

1, take the appearance of crystal. Girls prefer the glamour of colored gems. Boys prefer the cool shape of crystals. It is the easiest way to take crystals. The friends who have a preference for color or shape can judge their favorite most quickly. This is similar to the ancient blind date, the blind date is successful, and you go home to slowly cultivate your feelings. Crystal is a traditional woman. When you keep up with you, you will be infinitely loyal to you.

2, to use the crystal. Each crystal has a skill, such as amethyst can help sleep, citrine has the role of fortune, green ghost to promote career progress, and powder crystal, often bring people peach blossom. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that crystal is the master of fate, but to a considerable extent, crystal can help you.

3, take the edge to take the crystal. It’s better to meet with others. When you are confused, when you have no purpose, maybe, you don’t know what you love the most. It doesn't matter, come to a trip once, or just a word of words, so I like her, fell in love with her, somewhere sometime, then, believe, she is, your best crystal .

Every kind of cute thing belongs to oneself, always the beginning of fate, grasp the coolness of the hand, and harvest the interesting interest of life.

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