2020 Guangdong Fashion Week Shows | Xiaoru skirt gown sets off a "intangible heritage + fashion" boom

September 16, 2020

On the evening of September 9, Xiaoru skirt gown brought intangible cultural heritage techniques and innovative costumes and traditional nail gold embroidered skirt gowns to the 2020 Guangdong Fashion Week-Autumn, setting off the "intangible cultural heritage + fashion" boom.

At the beginning of the show, it was amazing. The opening scene unexpectedly used rhythmic music. The model wore a slim cheongsam. While retaining the traditional style, the dragon, phoenix, flowers and birds’ nails and gold embroidery were also used as a finishing touch. On the, blue, black, and gold body, a large number of lively and playful plush headdresses, plastic glasses, earphones are used on the accessories, and the belt waist that divides the figure in two and the exquisite leather handbag completely subvert the tradition The image of Chinese cheongsam.

The gauze embroidered top with satin and gauze tailed long skirts, the official mending dresses with chiffon skirts, and the sexy and avant-garde personalized suspender skirts all incorporate the traditional techniques of nail gold embroidery. In addition, small Ru skirt gown also integrates European leather sculptures on cheongsam, unlocking new ways of combining traditional clothing with modern trends.

Among them, "Wei" adopts nail gold embroidery, hair embroidery, bead embroidery, three-dimensional applique embroidery, crystal knitting embroidery and French reverse embroidery. It shows the beauty of peace on different blue satin and yarn materials. "Wei" is no longer Skirt gown.

One comb to the end, two white hair and eyebrows...

With the sound of Cantonese ballads entrusting parents to bless the married girl, the wedding dress with gold embroidered skirt and gown appeared. Nail gold embroidery began in the Yongzhen period of the Tang Dynasty, and skirt gown production flourished in the Qing Dynasty. As the auspicious clothes worn by Han women on auspicious days or big celebrations, the embroidered gold skirt and gown are magnificent and dazzling. It is a combination of traditional wedding culture, art crafts, embroidery crafts, body aesthetics and clothing design in Guangfu area.

The design of Xiaoru skirt gown wedding dress is not limited to shapes. In addition to the red and gold and silver bead decorations that carry out the beautiful vision of marriage, it draws on the hollow, tulle, tube top skirt and other elements of western wedding dress styles, and it also has the oriental dress. Festive and solemn and the elegance and sensuality of Western-style wedding dresses.

As a unique embroidery method of Cantonese embroidery, the technique of nailing gold and silver embroidery is mainly based on gold and silver threads, which are laid or stacked on real silk satin, and then embroidered threads of different colors are used to nail the gold and silver threads. Embroidery thread to express the color, brightness and characteristics of the object. There are more than ten types of stitches for nail gold embroidery in Guangzhou. The commonly used stitches include flat embroidery and pad embroidery. The patterns have a wide range of subjects, mainly dragons and phoenix subjects, as well as flowers, birds, insects and fish. The craftsmanship of nail-gold embroidered skirt gowns has a profound folklore foundation and rich cultural value, which is a living testimony of the traditional wedding culture in the Cantonese area.

Xiao Ru presented a spectacular show of nail gold embroidered skirt gowns, and she also “married” the intangible cultural heritage to fashion.

That night, Xiaoru skirt gown won the 2020 High Quality Chinese Wedding Dress Design Award issued by the Organizing Committee of Guangdong Fashion Week.

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