Light blue underwear look good? Light blue underwear style recommended

October 08, 2021

Fresh light blue has always been a lot of MM like color, then when the light blue meets underwear , will show what kind of style it? Light blue underwear look good? Xiaobian that recommend several light blue underwear for everyone, let's see if you like the style it!


Fresh and light blue sweet lady fresh, widened side of the design to help us receive Furuodu, easily create the perfect tall and straight chest, exquisite lace adds a bit delicate feeling, plus a small bow embellishment more Add a little bit of girl flavor, coupled with the same paragraph underwear to wear, fresh and natural can show a charming career line.

浅蓝色内衣好看吗? 浅蓝色内衣款式推荐

This light blue underwear is not bad, and more than a little more than a girl's romance and sweetness, 3/4 cup design just hold the entire chest drag, together with the gathered design, let us easily wear A proud breast, and fresh colors to wear in the summer and then suitable. (Photo source: Iraqi beauty underwear)

Glitter Sequins Embroidery Fabric

The sequin of Glitter Sequins Embroidery Fabric we always use is glitter gold sequin ,glitter silver sequin.

For example,Glitter Gold Sequins Embroidery Fabric

Glitter Sequin Embroidery Fabric

Glitter Silver Sequins Embroidery Fabric

Glitter Sequins Embroidery Fabric

The glitter sequin is very shiny that you can recognize from above pictures.It's vogue.popular and deeply loved by customers.

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