Dark blue and navy blue coats with a blue coat with

June 18, 2021

Blue has a lot of colors today Xiaobian gave crush who introduced two blue woolen coat style, dark blue and navy blue, dark blue color with the literal meaning is more deep, sapphire blue color is a little brighter , The European power of women's blue woolen coats with dark blue and navy blue different colors with different ride inside to see what color you like.


First to introduce the dark blue woolen coat style, dark blue seemingly more calm color, coupled with a blue plaid straight dress, are considered the same color of wear, that is, there is a sense of occupation and stylish wear , Very handsome dress, will definitely make women more confident, autumn and winter wear such take-away in the street is a kind of a follow-up rate, if you want to wear charming European personality to take a look at it.

深蓝色和宝蓝色呢子大衣搭配 蓝色呢大衣搭配

Oliver Womens wear are based on the same color dress-based, Europe Alice silk blue woolen jacket style, personality tailoring design is definitely not the same, although the blue color of the treasure blue but wear a little does not feel the color is very Deep, the ride is also a navy blue and rose stitching knit dress style, the same self-cultivation dress style with a long section of the coat handsome handsome.


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