Beautiful agate in the "beauty"

June 21, 2021

"I have a piece of natural agate here. The pattern inside is especially like a beauty dressing!" Yesterday, Mr. Yan, a member of the Pingwu citizen, called the reporter and said that he had inadvertently obtained a piece of natural agate with a special pattern inside.

Yesterday, the reporter saw this agate in Mr. Yan’s home. The agate is about 12 cm long, about 6 cm wide, and about 3 cm high. It is oval in shape, mostly dark yellow, and the pattern is white.

Mr. Yan said that the pattern on the back of the agate looks like a beautiful woman sitting sideways, while the front is like a girl standing. “The pattern is white, and the beautiful hair, face, neck and upper body look very similar.” Mr. Yan said that people who have seen this agate are very similar.

Mr. Yan introduced that he usually likes to collect the strange stones. This agate was purchased by him in Mianyang. He saw the pattern so beautiful, so he found someone to decorate it. “It is convenient for better viewing and collection.”

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