What color long-sleeved woolen jacket with a good-looking coat?

June 21, 2021

In winter we no good style, but woolen jacket is absolutely needed, Lei Suosi women's woolen jacket styles, colors not the same style jacket with are not the same, and now the fashion sense are in accordance with their preferences , Like what kind of match with what kind of, purple and pink two colors it absolutely absolutely let you fall in love with these two colors.


Purple, a now popular color, this color is relatively attractive, purple is the romantic girl who yearning, Leisuo Si women's purple woolen jacket style, dense lace embellished personality, take a pure white knit There are blouses shirt still warm embellishment oh, a color package hip skirt is also very significant figure, coupled with light-colored high-heeled shoes on the up.

呢子外套什么颜色好看 长款呢外套搭配

Pink woolen jacket with a long coat of pink color pink, take a plaid dress is also very good, round neck woolen jacket style with a black bib this will be very warm without thickening Bottom socks winter outfit, both inside and outside are all dressed, out of the street and indoor activities are absolutely no problem, Leisuo Si women have love girlfriends Oh.

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