Congratulations betu 100 map Jiangsu Jingjiang, Gaoyou, Hubei Guangshui, Guangdong Zhanjiang four stores opened

June 19, 2021

Heavy news, betu 100 plans to set off shop peak in late 2014. Warmly congratulate Jiangsu Jingjiang, Jiangsu Gaoyou, Hubei Guangshui, Guangdong Zhanjiang four stores opened. Although the moment is the end of the year, but this does not affect the pace of women's clothing betu.

百图 - BETU 热烈祝贺betu百图江苏靖江、高邮,湖北广水,广东湛江四店开业大吉

Grand opening of four major new stores, not just for the local consumers to send new clothes and surprises, as the most important step in market development. Betu Ladies, in the investment franchisee does not have many requirements, but in the franchise and support policies, can be described as unusually rich. From the site to the opening and then to a variety of after-sales service, betu 100 plans women will be fully achieved. To join Betu Betu women's dealers, in the shortest possible time to get growth and development.

热烈祝贺betu百图江苏靖江、高邮,湖北广水,广东湛江四店开业大吉 热烈祝贺betu百图江苏靖江、高邮,湖北广水,广东湛江四店开业大吉

In this four new stores, we can also feel that there are as many places to attract consumers. But from the merchandise window you will be able to feel the fashion of the Betu Ladies. As well as new products on the shelves, different styles or colors with new products, woven into a whole new style. As well as the internal space design, all with a full Aspect. When you walk into the Betu women's boutique, there will be a professional shopping guide for you. They are all posts after professional training, clothing with a unique view, according to your style for you to recommend the moment the most fashionable new products.


If you have a strong interest in betu women, you can leave a message now. Brand companies will be in the shortest possible time to get in touch with you to negotiate to join the relevant matters. The last time in 2014, seize the opportunity to quickly join the Betu Betu women's family ...

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