Ten healthy lifestyle bamboo Pavilion Ten powerful joining policy to help you worry-free start-up

August 05, 2021

It is another year of spring, full of vigor and vitality of the scene also let people morale high, and some ambitious people who want to do something about it in 2015 have long acted up. Are you still hesitant? Throughout the most popular venture nowadays is the shop, what kind of shop can open it? Modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of home life, pajamas, home service concept also more and more attention, integrated market trends, open a stylish, healthy household goods store is a very good choice.


Relying on the strong support of China Textile & Bamboo Industry Federation, Shenzhen Tianyu Ecological Clothing Co., Ltd. takes " Tianzhu " fiber as its main body element and introduces classical, fashionable, comfortable and low-carbon concept into fluoride Apparel series, the creation of a Chinese-style, international trend, natural low-carbon "bamboo fashion living museum," so that people feel the taste of life is extremely comfortable! 2015 is a year for the company to take off. Low-carbon and healthy home will certainly be the trend of future development. We sincerely invite more people of insight to join us for a better future!


Join policy:
1 brand support: free use of the company's trademark rights, waive the initial fee, free of deposit
2 training support: free to participate in the company's large-scale professional training courses and supervision of regular training
3 material support: new store opened, the company will be given a gift worth 5,000 yuan
4 opening support: before the opening of new stores, send professional supervision to the store for product expertise, product display training, pre-opening activities, activities, such as on-site follow-up
5 product support: new store opened, the company given a certain amount of credit support
6 Returns support: 100% replacement support
7 rebate support: enjoy the company's annual high rebate support
8 discount support: large promotional activities and some other items as low as 2 fold
9 decoration support: the company provides free decoration drawings, and the highest available price of 20,000 yuan gifts
10 Advertising Support: If the client runs a large outdoor advertising in the local market, large-scale brand promotion activities, etc., the company will give the corresponding funds and staff support

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