How to match the spring was thin? Spring with thin skills

August 05, 2021

All say fairy lady, a gentleman is good, but the stupid figure is not everyone can have, especially for those little fat girls, when the more clothes to wear less spring is coming, how to dress is thin is more A big annoyed problem, then today Xiaobian to Weapon some significant thin skills, hurry to learn to use it!

菲雍兰蝶 - FLYONDE

Dress want thin? A word, cover! Like this model, choose a loose-type version of the profile jacket can help us directly to cover the hate of fat, and then with the tight-fitting underwear on the tight match with the natural has a very thin effect it!

春装怎么搭配才显瘦? 春装搭配显瘦技巧

The choice of straight-type dress also has a very thin effect, because the straight version of the model can help us to cover the waist and abdomen extra meat, for the upper body fat little girls, is a great thin sharp weapon In addition, the choice of a compact compact high heels can also help us to lengthen the lower body ratio, so that we look more tall and naturally can be visually thin. (Photo Source: Philippine Yong Lan Butterfly Women )

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