Learn Lu Jia Bei "fashion Bazaar" subversive shape teach you how to make big-name Fan children on weekdays

August 28, 2021

"Fashion Bazaar" June issue recently hot issue, keen tide mom who may have found that with high color value and long legs Lu Yi father and daughter also appeared in this issue of the magazine, and to subversive fashion modeling fiercely Played a retro blockbuster! The most important thing is that the Beier who in addition to Dior, Fendi and other international big names, but also the presence of Balabala figure! First and the minibus to Belle modeling look it! First, the minimalist profile Whether it is a pop skirt or air layer skirt, from color to cut, minimalist, or minimalist! But the details at the Department not sloppy, to see hollow skirt design can be seen. Second, the changing lines of the top line combination of the shirt and underwear pure stripes, given the different lines possible. Neat and tidy, stylish more than. Already have Belle with the same type of baby is not very happy? Baby star shape can have lights, make-up to meet, then the girls on weekdays how to wear clothing out of this big-name Fan children feeling? This minibus to teach you to match! Tips1. Joker little black dress can be more elegant shirt and T-shirt are a great match with a small black dress, but take the elegant range of children can stand out from everyday wear! With Peter Pan collar personalized T-shirt with small shoes and princess headdress, the perfect winner ~ Tips2. Striped combination of law vertical stripes pants although already very visual tension, with a horizontal stripes printed strapless coat is a stylish care machine. Of course, the big sense of essential sunglasses can not forget. Tips3. Casual dress can also cool waist stripes dress a little sports and leisure style, to transform big-name child star, had to be a little cooler. Cowboy vest and camouflage skateboard cap, a second ride out of range children! Tips4. Braces more personalized bibs are often neglected with the importance of a personalized T-shirt printing has been successful for more than half of the sandals and small satchel to complete the finishing touch! The above summer new products have landed Balabala stores, tidal tide mom who come together to create a special big-name brand for the baby!

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