SUNVIEW still debuts in Shenyang Xinglong family

May 15, 2021

The Shenyang Xinglong Family was established on August 28, 2002 and is part of Liaoning Xinglong Family Business Group, Liaoning's largest privately-owned commercial enterprise. It is the group's main enterprise. In the years of development, the booming family in Shenyang has been constantly exploring and seeking change. From the introduction and adjustment of brands, the improvement and enrichment of categories, the marketing strategy of advancing with the times, and the innovation and improvement of services are all based on the local characteristics of Shenyang, starting from the needs of customers to seek development. Today, the Shenyang Xinglong family has become a model shop for the Xinglong Group shopping mall. It has achieved mutual grafting of different formats and industries, not only improving the local consumer environment, but also promoting the development of the local economy.

Recently, Sunview Shangyue advanced leisure business fashion ladies successfully entered the first floor of Shenyang Xinglong family. SUNVIEW continued to flock to the store during the 2014 winter season, sending the latest and most elegant fashion new clothes to local women.

The new store image is a modern, concise, high-quality design style, combined with the product features that are still fashionable, simple, intellectual, and elegant, and perfectly interprets the business aesthetics of Shangyao. Being in the simple space of business fashion, with light music, it still creates a unique shopping environment for consumers. The overall tone of the store is white, which highlights the elements of the business space. The background of the straight line design blends into the furnishings of the curved design, emphasizing a sense of harmony that is just right. The floor of the store is decorated with large pieces of white marble, which are simple but show a sense of texture.

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