Fall suits wear modern intellectual style

May 14, 2021

Ben Wang reported on October 11th that the necessary casual small suits in the closet were once again in full swing. As the weather turned cold, it became a topic of concern for girls to create fashionable sensations in small suits. Small suits are one of the hottest singles in autumn and are usually the first choice for many office workers. So how does this really put on a single product to create a fashionable style? Here for you carefully prepared five matching, conventional small suit can also wear up to range Fan children.


Participate in various formal occasions can wear a small collarless suit, concise collarless design, more suitable for shorter sisters neck, simple and neat cut, very atmospheric, highlighting the momentum, with casual T-shirts and pants wearing pants, Showed a full sense of neatness.


The special clean design is based on the basic style jacket, a word type, simple and neat, very sensible feeling, taking the basic paragraph long shirt skirt to show feminine fashion style.


Modern temperament Check Plaid suit, upper body suit shoulder pad shoulder processing, natural and soft grid pattern color also more the overall able, and then step on high heels, to create a mature feminine.


Slim slim double breasted suit jacket, simple design, concise and generous style. Take a casual T-shirt and wear a matching trouser suit to highlight a sleek, minimalist look.


A particularly clean, long-sleeved jacket, with a strong gas field design, a loose fit, a single round button, a short T-shirt and handsome low-rise jeans, creates an eye-catching LOOK. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Annie shoes)

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