Ouwei women winter new 30,000 full listing of it!

May 15, 2021

Ouwei brand women's winter new 30,000 comprehensive listing of it! Hip winter essential down jacket, then coat, coat, long section, long section with fur collar, the supply price of 69 --- 100 or so. More new welcome to consult. Hotline: Address: People's Road, Yinzhou District, Yinzhou District Shuiyunfang Hotel east 100 meters. Ou Wei costumes on the 2nd floor, 3rd floor. Wanda Department Store, New World Department Store, Parkson Department Stores and other major well-known shopping malls have counters. Welcome customers to buy.


Ou Wei brand women's design combines the style of Europe and South Korea, advocating new luxury, show "elegant, individuality, art" from the heart to the heart of the harmonious beauty. Advance with the times, pioneering and innovative! Create a perfect life for the global women, write a beautiful poem for life! Ouwei clothing is becoming a bright star in the fashion industry women's clothing.


It is precisely because of the broad masses of old and new customers the support and trust, only today's brilliant achievements! Ou Wei women will continue to provide you with a high cost of a single product. The major mall counter new 30,000 full listing, exquisite style, high-end decoration style, warm shopping guide service, welcome you!



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