How to wear korean drama learn to wear the most authentic Han Fan children

November 25, 2020

"You from the stars" finale, set off wave after wave of ups and downs, in addition to continue to heat the Korean drama fever, Han Fan children's clothing style is more lasting, as South Korea's fast-fashion women's brand , Clizy for fans in Korea Bring a fresh style with full style.


Figure: Clizy Women

Korean version of the clothing usually gives a lovely, lively feeling, so polka dots, of course, is an indispensable element, the blue and white point underwear and bright yellow two-piece jacket, black and white striped shirt, brown High to help tie the belt, the whole body hit the real eye-catching color.

看韩剧学穿搭 如何穿出最地道的韩范儿

Figure: Clizy Women

Remember the highest probability in Korean drama suit jacket it? As a Korean fan, of course, can not be missing such a powerful powerful single product. Black suit, although mediocre, but the sleeves of the blue stitching and white bottomed socks and red shoes, but unexpectedly reap a surprise effect.

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