Gray woolen suit with men's wool suit with

November 28, 2021

Fabrics are essential in the autumn and winter, but usually we have only woolen coat style, woolen coat style more, but the men have a woolen suit style, suit presents a man's charm, but now also has a leisure suit Style, business men's woolen suit with a flower gray suit how to take with it? Look Fushen men with it. Gray suit with a gray suit 1. Suit to show the success of a man, so suit to choose a more three-dimensional sense, do not choose the Tata, so there is no type, suit to take a dark gray Check shirt, the shirt can Slightly cultivate a little, the lower body with black suit pants or corduroy pants, go to the party in the fall and winter or see the customer has no problem. If it is a male figure, then a flower gray suit style take white shirt + dark green sweater, take the color slightly thicker than the coat to be a little bit so that the lower body with self-cultivation pants more stylish, gentleman men 2015 autumn and winter with the new clothing, suits can show the formal feeling, you can also very stylish.

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