Glass water production also has winter and summer points

November 27, 2021

[China Glass Network] Generally speaking, in the southern region, glass water with increased degummin content can be used. If the car needs to spend winter in the north, it needs to use anti-freeze glass water to produce. At this point, drivers who are accustomed to the southern climate often ignore the fact that compared with other maintenance projects, car windshield cleaning is indeed a small job. However, it is closely related to your driving vision, so the following points cannot be ignored when choosing the production of glass water. First of all, the cleaning and antifreeze performance of glass water production in autumn and winter. Winter glass water production is based on the choice of antifreeze performance. Glass water production with a freezing point lower than the local lower temperature of 10 °C should be selected. Otherwise, it will cause problems such as frozen glass water production and malfunction of the water pump. It can be selected according to the local temperature. The products of the regular brand will be divided into several different levels according to the temperature, and will be selected according to the seasonal changes.

Secondly, glass water production should also have the protection of windshield and wiper. In other words, the vehicle is protected and cared for during normal use. At present, some brands of glass water production through the deployment of a variety of surfactants and additives, the unique role of repairing the surface of the windshield scratches, through the formation of a unique protective film to achieve comprehensive protection of the windshield. Specially added a variety of corrosion inhibitors, no corrosion to a variety of metals, to protect the safety of automotive topcoats, wipers and rubber.

In addition, for the northern car owners, due to the uniqueness of the northern climate, the driver's line of sight is easily affected by the refraction of light and fog and static electricity during driving, which brings safety hazards to driving. Therefore, when purchasing glass water production, the owner of the vehicle is required to select products with rapid melting and melting, anti-glare, anti-fog and anti-static effects.

When the cold water continues to be too cold, if its temperature reaches -110 ° C, it becomes an extremely viscous solid, which is the production of glass water.

Glass water production has no fixed shape and no crystal structure. Because its shape is very similar to glass, it is named. When glass water is produced from solid to liquid, from liquid to solid, there is no significant volume change in the process.

Benefits of using premium glass water production:

High-quality glass water production is made of deionized water and various environmentally friendly additives. It has functions such as decontamination, antifreeze, antistatic and anti-corrosion. Some of the better quality glass water production, with rapid melting snow melting, anti-glare, anti-fog and other properties, has a significant effect on improving driving safety.

The inferior glass water production is mostly made up of water and alcohol, which not only damages the gloss of the paint surface of the automobile, but also causes the rubber strip or other plastic parts to cause chromatic aberration and swelling. After the glass water is cleaned, it will flow to the air inlet of the air conditioner. The volatile smell of the glass water will also enter the cab along the ventilation duct of the car air conditioner. Inferior glass water produces volatile gases that are harmful and can become invisible killers that harm the health of car owners.

Glass water production and production process and formula:

First, the spring formula: spring, wind and sand, rain, so the main effect of glass water production is to clean the windshield.

1, pure water 2 liters, 95% alcohol 250ml detergent 1 ml (detergent quality is good) fully soluble after use directly. Adding detergent is mainly to remove sand, and the foam should be removed quickly by the foam of the detergent. Alcohol accelerates the evaporation of water and makes the glass clean quickly.

2, when the pollution is not strong, you can add about 1 liter of pure water.

Second, summer, autumn. There is rain, not necessarily dirty, but when insects hit the wind, it is not easy to remove them because it is difficult to handle. So add more solvent.

1, 2 liters of purified water, 95% alcohol 500ml, detergent 1 ml. Alcohol is effective as an organic solvent, and the effect of removing shellac is very good.

2. If you are in the urban area, you can add 100% pure water, but it is not recommended to reduce the concentration on the highway, affecting the effect!

Third, winter: winter can reach -30 ° C or even lower

1, 20% of the quality of 95% alcohol, 80% of the quality of water, the freezing point is basically around -10 °C, no problem in the early winter. 20-30% alcohol, 60% water, freezing point only at -15 ° C, 40-50% alcohol, 50-60% water, freezing point can reach -25 ° C without freezing, basically meet the needs of winter.

2, because the winter is basically not too much water to clean the glass. The key point is to add 30-50% pure water in winter!


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