DAZZLE ç´ ç´ 2014 autumn and winter women's mohair coat collocation recommended

June 10, 2021

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Design guru Gianni Valentino said: "Red is a charismatic color that represents life, passion and love. It is the best medicine for melancholy and sadness." 100% red is the best expression of confidence, more and more fashion Both bloggers and street shooters began to choose it. A fire broke out in the winter street of Xiaosuo. In the dark winter where everyone was black, wearing a piercing red outfit crossed the streets and alleys, everyone’s eyes were hard to ignore. Its attraction. Only the wearer's head is slightly raised, it is this attention!

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DAZZLE red mohair coat, the street's light and red solemn blend of skillfully, the mohair's soft texture enhances the warm feeling, with national characteristics of the weave edge to soften the red grand, big round neck design also let The doubling of the likability.

A confident hipster girl walks past the street and stares at 2NE1's "My Redest": "I am the redest, the brightest, the best, the redest...."

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