Analysis and solution of quality problems of FRP pipes

June 08, 2021

[China Glass Network] 1. Reasons for delamination of FRP pipes

1 The tape is too old; 2 The amount of tape is too little or uneven; 3 The temperature of the hot roll is too low, the resin is not well melted, the tape does not stick well to the die; 4 The tension of the tape is small; 5 The amount of oily release agent is too much , stained with core cloth.

Solution: 1 The amount of glue and the amount of soluble resin in the tape must meet the quality requirements; 2 The temperature of the hot roll is raised, so that when the tape passes through the hot roll, the tape is soft and sticky, and the die can be firmly bonded. ; 3 adjust the tension of the tape; 4 do not use oily release agent or reduce its amount.

2, the inner wall of the glass steel tube is foaming

The reason is: mainly the lead cloth is not close to the die.

Solution: Be careful when handling, be sure to attach the leader cloth to the die.

3. Foaming or wrinkling after curing of glass steel tube

The main reason for the foaming after the tube is solidified is that the volatile content of the adhesive tape is too large, the winding temperature is low, the winding speed is fast, and the volatile matter of the adhesive tape is too low to be volatilized, so that it remains in the tube. When the tube is heated and solidified, its residual volatiles are swollen by heat so that the tube is foamed.

Solution: Control the volatile content of the tape, increase the rolling temperature appropriately, and slow down the rolling speed.

The reason for the wrinkling after the tube is cured is that the tape contains a high amount of glue.

Solution: Reduce the amount of glue in the tape and reduce the coiling temperature.

4, glass steel tube withstand voltage is unqualified

Causes: 1 when the coil is not enough tension, the winding temperature is low or the winding speed is fast, the bonding between the cloth and the cloth is not good, and the residual amount of volatiles in the tube is large; 2 the tube is not cured completely.

Solution: 1 increase the tension of the tape, increase the rolling temperature or slow down the rolling speed; 2 adjust the curing process to ensure the tube is completely cured.

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