What dress with a half skirt black skirt with what shirt

August 05, 2021

Needless to say, skirts are also the four seasons can not be missed styles, and skirts with a long coat or short paragraph, with a shirt to wear out with a very good, black doll skirt children in black style with a black Classic colors, and black is also a more attractive color, let us go with the fashion. A skirt, can be bright, but Xiao Bian is more like black, because more resistant to black look, but also more wild, Zhongge doll children's clothing half-length skirt style coupled with a beige woolen jacket, short paragraph design Take a black bottoming shirt, can be round neck or high collar, the overall appearance of the classic black and white is very good. Black skirt can have a lot of kinds of collocation, can be with a woolen jacket can be a cotton padding, can also be a vest Oh, in the cabinet doll childrens vest style collocation, white vest style take a black bottoming shirt, vest although it is white, However, a personalized zipper design is very good, but also very stylish, classic black and white without losing personality.

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