Hangers Women 2015 Shanghai CHIC Live Coverage 2015 What Women Look at Hangers Women

August 05, 2021

Hangers Chinese beauty network customers debut CHIC service Shanghai Fair, small partners in Shanghai came the front line news, hangers, women also accepted the Chinese beauty net anxious interview, live interview will be presented later, let us first to see the hanger Women's show status as well as the 2015 popular women's style, fashion girl looked over.

衣架-sedurre attrarre

Head of the hanger women to accept China Beauty Network reporter interviewed

衣架女装2015上海CHIC现场报道 2015流行什么女装看衣架女装

Hanger women Shanghai Silk Group's luxury women's brand exquisite life hanger women masterpiece, hanger women's clothing Expo status report, hangers simple style-based, the new products on display will be the urban women's hot models, capable and professional women, Small woman-like tenderness, hanger women will tailor-made for you to wear.

衣架女装2015上海CHIC现场报道 2015流行什么女装看衣架女装

衣架女装2015上海CHIC现场报道 2015流行什么女装看衣架女装

Hanger women's show in Shanghai to show the blue line-based, blue, light blue, dark blue, pure color line decoration does not dragons to highlight the competent gas field, hanger is a new contemporary women dedicated to create a sincere, stylish, High-quality clothing brand. We insist on the selection of high-quality natural fabrics, sophisticated clothing technology, unique style design. Let each piece of clothing to your hand can show your own charm.

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