Different body types with different jewelry

August 05, 2021

Wearing jewelry is a very learned art. Company sales are not just jewelry, more of an art, a reflection of charm, a fashion concept.

Jewelry wear and body shape:

Jewelry has been a feminine item since ancient times. However, how to wear jewelry has the high and low taste of taste, especially with its own body shape characteristics. Body shape can be roughly divided into normal and abnormal body shape. Women with normal body shape are naturally the darling of jewelry, and they can show the charm of style when worn casually. But women with abnormal body shape can't. So here is the main effect of how to make such a combination of such women to beautify the effect.

1. Obesity type:

The characteristics are that the body is thick and round, the neck is relatively short and thick, and the purpose of wearing the jewelry is to visually weaken the body shape, giving the human body a long illusion and adding a beautiful charm. Earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should choose a lighter, simple style jewelry. However, necklaces and pendants should be long, thin, abstract, and gemstones; obese women's arms are thicker, and wide and wide bracelets appear small; fingers are generally short and flat, with narrow sides or A hollow ring will make people feel longer.

2, thin type:

The characteristics are thin, thin, and slender neck. The purpose of wearing jewelry is to make people look full through jewelry. Necklaces and pendants should be small, simple and beaded. It should not be too long, and the neck should be shorter. Earrings should be larger. There are hanging rings, chains and beads. Rings and bracelets are carefully selected, simple or broken to show the wearer's elegant and delicate temperament, which makes people feel thin.

3, short type:

Pay attention to increase the softness. The necklace should be slender and elegant. Ring 4 fingers, earrings should be fine. Jewelry that should not be worn in a horizontal or square shape should be straight, flake-shaped and compact. 4, high type:

The focus should be on both sides, the necklace should be thick, the shape of the pendant should be large and rich, and the jewels on the earrings should be brilliant. Feel the jewelry with a horizontal line or a block. Colored light tones.


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