Are you asking Buffett tonight? He also sells diamonds

January 14, 2021

At 9 o'clock tonight, the annual Buffett Shareholders' Meeting will kick off, and global investors will welcome Buffett's six-hour "investment sharing feast" for six consecutive hours. About 30,000 people attend the conference every year and have become a traditional business event. Analysts believe that this year's event will have four major points of view:

Five-year performance failed to outperform the market

What makes Buffett proud for 44 years is that Berkshire Hathaway’s five-year return has never been lower than the S&P 500. The dream of many fund managers who “outperform the market” is here at Buffett. It became a routine. But in 2013, Buffett's five-year law was broken for the first time: the S&P 500's five-year return rate reached 128%, while Berkshire only reached 91%.

Encourage shareholders to book through Airbnb

Buffett, who has always known that he does not understand computers and networks, has undoubtedly encouraged and urged shareholders who came to Omaha to take advantage of the cheaper rental website Airbnb, which allows homeowners to rent their own houses to passengers. The platform website, this cola broke the founder of Airbnb.

Executives and investors from many well-known companies are complaining that hotels are in short supply and demanding prices. In this case, Buffett said that he is very worried about his shareholders, just like the mother bears worry about their cubs, because not every Berkshire shareholder is rich enough to buy a hotel.

Heirs selected as hot topics

Although Buffett was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012, investors were worried and nervous about Berkshire Hathaway, but with the recovery of Ba Lao, the heir topic no longer seems so lively.

This year, Buffett took the initiative to say how to encourage the heirs. He believes that the ultimate successor should be the only Berkshire company manager to obtain stock options. "The reason is that he is the only company in the company." The company successfully operates the responsible person." Buffett also said that the memo will be written in the 2015 annual report.

Sale of laser-signed jewelry

On May 4th, Buffett will also go into battle for the fourth consecutive year to sell jewelry at his Borsheims jewelry store, and this year Buffett has prepared a new surprise for shareholders. For this year's shareholder meeting, Borsheims introduced a new promotional method for laser-engraving Buffett's signature on diamonds. And if you are on May 4th, you will probably buy Buffett's signature diamond directly from Buffett himself.

This limited edition diamond is currently available to shareholders of the company at the AGM. During the conference, a total of 26 loose diamonds will be sold, ranging in weight from 0.75 carats to 5 carats, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $200,000.

What questions did Buffett have answered?

2013 Buffett Shareholders Meeting

Q: What is the biggest mistake you have made?

Buffett: I have made a lot of mistakes. The biggest one is that I spent about $400 million to buy a shoe company (Dexter) and finally lost all of it.

2012 Buffett Shareholders Meeting

Q: You once said that you only buy the stock of a "great" company. How do you define "great"?

Buffett: If we can believe that they can achieve high return on capital in the long run, like their management team, and at the same time can buy at a reasonable price, we will write a check.

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