To "win the world" Pro-Shang 2014 summit will be hot

March 02, 2021

"Where's Dad Going" has aroused people's concern about children, their father and their parents and their children. Apart from the busy work, more and more people choose to stay with their children. Hot, July 26-28 in the Butterfly Valley in Foshan for the pro-brand paternity wear organized by the "model to win the world" as the theme of the Forum, the introduction of the model effectively solve the entire company from the company to the terminal to the consumer management operations Link, quickly improve the store business ability, quickly occupied the target market, and during the meeting will launch a very large preferential policies, a warm welcome to come to participate. The hit of "Where Did Dad Go" triggered the hot comments of users, the star Dad and Star II became a hot topic in the internet, and people started a discussion on parenting education. Five babies in "Where are you daddy" are all "after 00s", and this generation has generally lived in an age rich in material resources and poor in spirit. Parent-child education has long been not only in the "parenting" level, more reflected in the "missionary", "mission" is no longer a simple knowledge education. In the Internet age, the information is numerous and complicated. Children have a lot of opportunities for quick and easy access to knowledge in learning. However, emotional education is often impossible to start. Schools, training courses can impart knowledge, but can not replace the emotional education of parents, but these emotional gaps are the most we need, the most lacking. In modern society, the relationship between people indifference. The extra work load makes people work more and more pressure. In addition to some other things besides work, such as charging and learning, they occupy almost all the time except people's work, and the free space is reduced. Time is squeezed, people's feelings have also been squeezed. So that in addition to eating and sleeping, people have to work and study. They have hardly any spare time to spend with their loved ones and cause indifference between family members. However, people's demand for affection has not only not weakened, but more intense. Because love is the world's most precious and beautiful thing. As a result, people are no longer confined to working hard. They are also beginning to seek spiritual freedom and pay more attention to creating a warm atmosphere for their families. Under such circumstances, parents and children whose main ideas are to promote family harmony, warmth and increase children's family affiliation should be upheld. Parenting also known as affectionate clothing, mainly composed of adult clothing and children's clothing, including parent-child wear, mother and child wear, mother and daughter wear and family wear. Parent-child equipment is the fashion industry trend, many parents happy to wear the same clothes and children, play with children's games, closer and children's distance. Parent-child equipment can make the feelings between family members more intimate, strange people can also be very distinct family ties together. Parents and children in the expression of "We are intimate family," the thick affection, but also can make parents a "child" addiction, to revisit that long absence innocence. Parent-child equipment is a new trend of consumption in the current environment. In recent years, children's participation in adult socialization, tourism and frequent parenting activities in schools have substantially increased the market demand for parent-child equipment. According to the data of China Statistical Yearbook 2013, the total population of the country in 2013 was 1.3 5404 million, the birth rate was 12.1% and the number of newborn babies reached 16.33 million. The number of newborn babies will also continue to grow in the next ten years. In this case, the welcome of the parent-child package belongs to his golden period of growth. Heroes when the trend, which is the history of the development of Chinese clothing brand law. On July 13, 2001, Mr. Sandrachid, the president of the International Olympic Committee, announced the successful bid for the Olympic Games in Beijing. This moment is also the beginning of the 10-year golden year of Chinese sports brand. Prior to this, the domestic sports brand is just a Li Ning, with annual sales of only yuan, the rest are foreign brands. Today, Li Ning, Anta, Pick, 361 degrees and other sports brands are already well-known, and the domestic sports apparel industry has annual sales of more than 100 billion yuan. 2014 is the first year of parent-child development. I believe 3 to 5 national brands will be born within 3 years and the market will complete the rank of brand echelon within 5 to 8 years. This is a great opportunity for transformation in apparel companies and apparel agencies. Grasp, will enter a new, blue ocean market.

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